Thursday, March 3, 2011

I'm too busy thinking how good this beer is to name this post

[beer name hidden] Belgian Saison - [brewery name hidden] - Australia - 6.4%

Brew: I love this beer, and I hate this beer. By 'hate this beer', I mean that I love it. This is my Belgian Saison. 

Frequently Pinky is on my case about "exercise your beer knowledge on..." this, and "educate people on ..." that, and "establish your beer authority" this, and "I like pink things with sparkles and glitter" that.... not that the last one has much to do with anything, but she's always bringing it up. I choose not to name my beer or name my brewery, because this isn't about who I am. It's about beer. I've chosen not to talk too much about my beers, mainly about the odd occasional pilot batch that's of interest.

I just decided to test one of the kegs of saison to see how it was progressing, and well... it's finally ready. It's amazing. It only took 9 months. That's what I hate, the wait. But having said that, it wouldn't be the beer it is otherwise, with the imported saison yeast strain taking its time to do what it does best. Not going to say too much more about it other than this grassy, spicey, glass of heaven is serving me well on such a hot afternoon.

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