Sunday, May 8, 2011

Beer Festival(s)

Brew: Well that was slightly disturbing. Last time I ever click a video link from one of your tweets.

Pinky: I love it. Although I'll admit, the first time I watched it I didn't really know what shiny teal spandex and an awesome beard had to with beer until the end of the video.

B: Want to explain a little more what it's about?

P: Vancouver Craft Beer Week has begun! Second year running. I have a hectic work schedule but expect to be present at several events next week, including the BC Beer Festival and the US Beer Festival. I'm particularly excited for the US one as there are a number of breweries there I haven't yet tasted.

B: Which ones?

P: Elysian, Green Flash, Hopworks, Uncommon... well, most of the ones listed on the site. On the note of US breweries, my brother is actually moving to California quite soon for work, the lucky thing. But he doesn't fully understand the scope of the craft breweries along the West Coast of the US.

B: Don't worry, I'll give him some homework.

P: Perfect. And then we should make him our correspondent-in-the-field.

B: Let's call him our Crafty Correspondent. I can see it now:
"...3 people lost their lives in this horrible accident, but fortunately no keg was harmed. And now, to our Crafty Correspondent, Mike, for an update on how the beer is today:"
"It's good!"
"Thank's Mike. After the break, Janine with the weather..."

P: He could become the Ron Burgundy of Beer. 

B: Anyways, back to the US breweries. From the line up of breweries that are going to be there, and having had them at The Monk's US Craft Beer Festival recently myself, here are some I want you to try, your homework: Cantillon, Rouge, Stone, Lagunitas, Green Flash, Howe S...

P: So pretty much all of them?

B: Pretty much. And now to Janine with the weather...

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