Thursday, January 20, 2011

Let's try that again

Brew: Think this one will be any better?

Pinky: We can only hope.

B: Well it can't get any worse.

P: I think for the benefit of any individuals who have the misfortune to stumble across this blog, we should establish a couple of critical points; namely, that you're Australian and that You Love Beer.

B: Correct.

P: And that I'm Canadian and I Too Love Beer.

B: It sure looks like it.

P: That's a standard pint in Canada by the way, of a spicy golden Hefewiezen.

B: So, there's going to be a bunch of this...

Three Sheets Pale Ale - Lord Nelson Brewery - Sydney

P: And a whole lot less awkward banter?

B: We can only hope.

P: Okay, how about this for an opening topic: Granville Island Brewery was acquired last October by Creemore Springs Brewery, a craft brewery out in Eastern Canada. Which is perceived as slightly disappointing by 'some' because it's now a subsidiary of Molson and Molson Canadian beer is equivalent to your Australian Fosters lager, a.k.a. it's terrible.

B: Gross. Please never use the word 'your' in front 'Fosters' again. It implies that I have some level of attachment to that beer vile fluid.

P: I know. Well I don't think it will affect the GI beer line-up in the big picture. However, with a visit to the brewery on Granville Island imminent, I'm going to need to borrow your kilt.

B: The pink one? No way, it's my favorite.

P: Preferably not that one. But they've just released the first Scottish ale I'll ever try in Canada, aptly named Scottish Ale. This is should be good with layers of big malted and roasted barley. I've heard especially nice things about trying this ale with really dark chocolate, so that's one way I might spend a rainy Vancouver afternoon.

B: Well I'll throw on my kilt and join you. Oh wait, no I won't, because I live in Australia.

*31.01.11 Drunk Afterthought (Pinky): I was finally able to try the Granville Island Scottish Ale in Vancouver at the tasting room on Granville Island and wow it was fantastic. The Scottish Ale was an explosion of subtle flavours; rich, malty, full bodied and deliciously smooth. It is on par for me with one of my other favorite beers, the Granville Island Winter Ale, a smooth darker beer with vanilla afternotes thanks to hints of added white chocolate. I sorely regret that it is a seasonal and won't be around much longer!

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